Passion in everthing we do!!!




1987  The company is founded by Edson Francisco Scapol and starts its activities with 3 vendors distributing Johnson & Johnson products.

1996  Made the acquisition of JJ Vieira, traditional distributor of J & J, which operated in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. This acquisition enabled the operations in São Paulo.

1998  The Scapol becomes the largest Distributor of Johnson & Johnson Brazil.

2002  Receives Certificate of ABRINQ - Child Friendly Company.

2010  Scapol was elected the 40th best company to work in Brazil by Great Place to Work and Epoca magazine.

2011 – The company begins to distribute Mars products as a PET Business Line and got elected the 7th best company to work in Brazil

by Great Place to Work and Epoca magazine.

2012 – Scapol moves to its own headquarter

2014 – The company gets the 1st place on J&J Excellence Program

2015 – Three main milestones were achieved during this year:

  • Scapol release their first own brand called Loopy which contemplates pet´s toys and accessories.

  • The company achieves the title of Platinum Distributor from J&J Excellence Program

  • Scapol continued to be elected as one of the best companies to work among 30 other medium size companies (between 100 to 999
    employees) by Great Place to Work and Epoca Magazine.  The company thrived in 3 categories Nationally: training, life quality and opportunities

2016 – Scapol was reelected at the same categories as 2015 and maintained the titles of Platinum Distributor from J&J

2017 – Scapol partners with Adimax and started to distribute Panasonic products, increasing its performance area in São Paulo capital.

2018 – Strengthen the PET business line with the brands: Qualidy, Upper Dog and Loopy.





We strive for customer satisfaction through training and motivation of our employees, we use modern tools management that result in speed and efficiency in the execution of our strategic planning thus generating jobs, quality of life, social responsibility and profit.




Be the best distribution company in the state of São Paulo, facilitating access of products distributed to consumers through a partnership with our customers and suppliers.




Ethics, Respect, Transparency, Competence and Credibility


Our actions are guided by ethics and compliance, always providing best deal in the best conditions to our customers. We work seamlessly with well defined rules. 

Are the people that add value and credibility to our company through their knowledge, skills and attitudes.





Passion is a greater force that invades the soul 

Passion is conquest, is seeking to ease 

Passion is the spirit of youth 

Passion is adrenaline, but also the warmth of a hot bath 

Passion is to tell the universe what we want, we can and we deserve 

Passion is cold, heat is, life is pulsating 

Passion is the path, making our own choices 

Passion is be careful with us and never forget another 

Passion is pure, is soft but intense 

Passion is life is movement, gratitude

More than simply distributing products in the retail sector, Scapol has been delivering quality and satisfaction to both its customers as their suppliers. 


Investment in people and technology, coupled with the willingness to grow always make the Scapol is ahead of its market, ensuring the position of one of the largest distributors of Johnson & Johnson Brazil and also the brands PANASONIC, MamyPoko, Jontex, Olla, Magnus, Qualidy, Loopy and Upperdog. 


The company, headquartered in Votorantim, is less than 1 hour from São Paulo and has a strong presence in the state. There are more than 7.000 points of sales seen between supermarkets, pharmacies, perfumeries and conveniences, scattered in over 250 cities. 


With a commercial view of results supported by marketing tools, Scapol offers its suppliers and customers total conditions to achieve together and one of its main objectives, profit.